My Characters, they are the central driving force. Represented by the human figure with a figurative style and identified by individuals with a certain touch of baroque humor and circus relish.

Their gender is ambiguous, uncertain, as is their age.

Their elongated appearance is part of the line that never ends, that always moves, that does not know how to stay still.


My interest, to seduce the viewer with a simple representation that is articulated with an abuse or loss of fear, of colour, sometimes chilling and others contrasting.

I try to provoke a re-tasting of children's language, to reach the element of surprise that has been anaesthetized by routine, as well as to decipher an encrypted message in the search for an orderly explanation.


My Goal, to stretch the human experiences from the simplest, conventional, timeless, nostalgic, moving and playful to the most chaotic, immune, unjust, aggressive, utopian and unforeseen.


My Purpose, to re-think, reflect on: Our experiences, our social fabric, our collective imagination, our routine, our ability to learn from life, contingency and survival.

While questioning everything, despite believing that we are already in balance.


About my work






Derechos Reservados para Maricela Salas • México 2018 •