I am Maricela, I was born in 1970, in Mexico City .

In a small apartment, I had my bedroom, which I shared with my mother, it was constantly full of illustration cut outs and scissors (she worked as a hairdresser). I also kept pieces of old boxes that I pasted with my grandma’s glue to create little houses and moving cars.

I used to play with my wooden pencil case; the colours inside became couples and married, although the browns were eternal loners. With my mother's razor blades I learned how to sharpen each one of them.


When walking to school I would look at planes flying above me in the sky and I thought “When I grow up, I will travel a lot. Flying must be wonderful!"


My introduction to the theory of visual arts was with a book called "Los 100 Grandest de la Pictura" (The 100 Greatest Painters). I was 10 years old when my godmother gave me this book and I was enchanted by it.


Later on I studied in the School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, La Esmeralda. In Dublin, Ireland, I studied in Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology and in Ballyfermot Senior College.

Later I travelled to Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and started a new life and family, where I had multiple exhibitions and created two wonderful children.


I lived in the south east of Mexico in a  tranquil place near the sea called Puerto Morelos for many years as my children grew, developing and expanding my artistic productions.







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